Eco Friendly Hotels

Eco-friendly Hotels

Best Western takes sustainability and environmental responsibility seriously. Best Western hotels with a green leaf icon have been accredited with an Eco-Friendly STAR. The standards for Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation were developed in a partnership between AAA Tourism and EarthCheck under the guidance of the Australian Government established Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.

EarthCheck provides the travel and tourism industry with a global certification system that promotes responsible tourism and increases operational efficiencies.

To be awarded Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation a hotel/motel must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Energy efficient lighting (bedrooms)
  • Water saving showerheads
  • Towels – no change option
  • Linen – no change option
  • No leaking taps
  • Reduced flush or twin flush cisterns fitted
  • No leaking toilet cisterns
  • Flush mechanism stops properly
  • Paper recycling program in place

Please note: These are the minimum requirements for accreditation and your hotel may offer more eco-friendly options for your stays.


Best Western Australasia strongly supports environmental efforts to reduce landfill waste in the long term by choosing ERP™ bathroom guest amenities. Environmentally Responsible Products are unique in that all plastic packaging has been designed to biodegrade safely in a landfill environment.

Made exclusively by Concept Amenities, click here to find out more on the benefits of ERP™ and how we support green eco-friendly products.